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Milk Thistle_ Extract Capsule

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Milk Thistle Extract Capsule Supplement Facts : Serving Size : 1 Capsule. Servings per Container : 60 capsules. Composition : Each capsule contains 150mg Milk Thistle Extract. M.R.P. ₹: 449/- Suggested Use :Take one Capsule 2 times daily or as directed by physician. Herb Description : Milk Thistle is an herbal evergreen flowering plant which grows in European Countries for the treatment of liver function disorder and many other diseases.At present it is also grown in Asia, North Africa and Southern Russia. The seeds of milk thistle are used to make medicines. When leaves of milk thistle are crushed then a milky white fluid comes due to which it gets named Milk Thistle. This herb can grow up to ten feet in length and have beautiful red and purple flowers. It is also known by other names including Artichaut Sauvage, Cardo lechoso, chardon argente, lady’s thistle, legalon, cahrdon marie, cardus marianus, cardui mariae fructus, blessed milk thistle, lait de notre- dame, cardui mariae herba, holi thistle, mary thistle, silibinin etc. Benefits Of Milk Thistle Extract Capsules : Milk Thistle is used to treat Cirrhosis inflammatory liver problem and chronic hepatitis, jaundice and food poisoning. It can also be used for the treatments of enlarged prostate, blood disorder, infertility, dyspepsia, loss of appetite and bladder disease. This herb is also be used for treating several diseases including diabetes, kidney damage, hangover, prostate cancer, malaria and depression. Milk Thistle extract is taken for increasing breast milk flow, starting menstrual flow and preventing allergy symptoms, uterine problems, inflammation in chest and in spleen diseases. It can also be used to treat multiple sclerosis, cholesterol complaints, and disease of Parkinson, Alzheimer, obsessive-compulsive disorder and skin problems. The Leaves and flowers of milk thistle are also used in food for salad and as a substitute of coffee.

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