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Importance of  Spiriual Health

Every Body consist of 3 things mind body and soul .For healthy life we need to be healthy on all aspect that is healthy body mind and  soul .

For fitness of your body taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is very important.Spiritaul health starts with peace of mind .A person should always take time to quiet his/her  mind once in a day , for that one should need meditaion or prayer whatever liked by a person ..Popularly known in ancient days are the key that god listen to us when we pray but we listen to god when we meditate.


Health benefits of Grapes 

  • Grapes consist of antixoidant polyphelons which prevent certain types of cancer in human body .
  • Grapes have a high content of potassium which help in reducing the effect of sodium which can maintain blood pressure in Bp patients.
  • Grapes are also good souce of fiber and contains water which helps in preventing constipation .
  •  Grapes contains antioxidants name lutein and zeaxanthin which helps in maintaining eye health .
  • Grapes are also benificial for skin ,consuming grapes reduces acne .
  • Grapes also benefit our heart as it contains potassium and fiber which supports human heart health.



Power Of Meditation And Its Benefits :

Power of meditation lies within you .When you meditate you focus on yourself your breath ,when you focus on youself you know what to do with your life what do you want to be and where you want to go .Do meditation daily for 15 to 20 minutes for effective results which improve your health your mental ability . Meditation also improve memory and increase in focusing things .You can complete your task very effectively and successfully if you meditate daily .It also keeps you happy and you can be at peace .it also changes your life what you thought to be.

How it works and how you get benefited :

When you meditate you start taking deep breath and focus on yourself slowly you get calm and relax below i will describe you the benefits


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